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Your automobile engine consists of many moving parts. As the parts move they create friction, which creates heat. In order for your engine to stay cool, your radiator must be functioning properly. Your automobile radiator keeps everything cool under the hood to help prevent overheating and other serious and costly engine problems. A clogged up or malfunctioning radiator will prevent your automobile from cooling properly. Our auto repair shop has the knowledge and equipment to rebuild, replace with new or flush your radiator. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement of anti-freeze at scheduled intervals.

We offer a variety of radiator and AC services designed to address your unique needs and at rates among the most competitive in the area. Through regularly scheduled system inspections and maintenance procedures, we keep your system working efficiently and diagnose minor problems before they become major ones.

Auto World Service Center offers the excellent auto cooling system repair service to get you back in your comfort zone quickly and affordably. Come visit us for experienced service, repair, and installation on your radiator.


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