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Engine Repairs

When your “Check Engine” light comes on, it might be the right time to visit Auto World Service Center in Temecula. Our ASE certified technicians will diagnose your engine and recommend the right repairs, at the right price. Whether you come in for your check engine light, maintenance or repairs, you can count on us to properly diagnose your engine.

As you might imagine the engine is the heart of your car, the main component that uses the fuel to run all the other systems. Just like our human body, the anatomy of your car depends on the continued healthy functionality of the engine. Over time the wear and tear can degrade the performance of your vehicle’s engine, which can lead to serious malfunction and eventual engine failure.

We can replace engines in all makes and models whether foreign or domestic and we have the experience you would want in a mechanic working on the heart of your car.

An engine that has been properly maintained through the years should last anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 miles.


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