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Air Conditioning

We repair all vehicle air conditioning systems including for cars, vans, trucks or SUVs. if your air conditioning is blowing hot air then it's time to come in and let us check it out.

We will inspect hoses, lines, seals and other components for leaks, check temperature readings, check that your compressor is operating properly, and inspect the drive belt for cracks or damage.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service

  • Complete auto air conditioning repair
  • Auto heating system checkup and service
  • Auto AC Compressor check and replacement if necessary
  • Quality auto AC check to ensure it works properly
  • Auto AC and heater Condenser check
  • Auto AC Evaporator and Blower check

Climate Control

There are five components that comprise an automotive climate control system – evaporator, compressor, condenser, receiver, Fluid Transport and then expansion device.

The primary goal of an automotive climate control system is to provide passenger comfort in as quick a time as possible. Because heat flows in one direction only, from areas of high temperature to low temperature, the climate system must create a flow by cooling the air below the ambient air temperature. This is done with a “vapor compression system” – the same principle used in domestic refrigerators – which cools the air entering the cabin.

Temperature Control

As its name implies, it is an automatic climate control system, which automatically controls interior temperature. ATC is largely a convenience option that keeps the interior temperature set to the driver’s preference. ATC directly controls the heating and A/C systems, so most problems thought to be ATC problems really lie in the systems it controls.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

The air conditioning temperature control directly controls the heating and A/C systems, so most problems thought to be a problems really lie in the systems it controls. If you think are having an problems bring your vehicle to Auto World Service Center in Temecula and let us diagnose the system. Call 951-699-8260 for low cost auto air conditioning repair and heating system service.

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